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At Sedo Technologies we specialize in application infrastructure, build and deployment. We provide the highest levels of consultation and training to suit your specific needs.

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MSBuild Twitter Logger

If you are interested in MSBuild and Twitter then you can download the
MSBuild Twitter Logger.


We are the experts on Build. We have a recognized expert in MSBuild.
As applications and services become more complex and inter-connected your build process becomes more complex and important. Continious Integration has taught us that having a autonomous build process is a critical component to each project. Is your build living up to its expectations?


We can assist you in automating your deployment process. Having a repeatable deployment process is one of the key factors for successful products.

Full life cycle

Although we specialize in project infrastructure, build and deployment we are also offering full life cycle consultation.

We wrote the book on Build and Deployment

Inside MSBuild Book Image Deploying .NET Applications Book Image